Natural History Museum of the AegeanA significant number of animals and birds from Samos and the rest of Greece as well as from all over the world are displayed in this department.

A special area in this hall is dedicated to the exhibition of some of the typical animals of Australia (Kangaroo, Koala, Emu), kindly donated by the Samian Brotherhood of Sydney.

The zoological laboratory includes a collection of reptiles and amphibians of Samos, available for study to any interested scientist.

Natural History Museum of the AegeanAlso exhibited in this department is the historical “Kaplani”, a kind of feline who came to Samos 130 years ago, crossing the sea from the coast of Asia Minor. The animal was killed and embalmed by means available at that time. Since then, due to misplacement and constant change of ownership, Kaplani was not available to the public until a few years ago that the Municipality of Samos donated it to the Museum.

This exhibit was preserved as best as possible, considering the condition it was found in and today is displayed because of its historical value, given the fact that it inspired the theme of the well-known book “The Kaplani in the Glass” written by the famous Greek novelist Mrs. Alki Zei, who spent her childhood in Samos.